Founded in 1978, on the principles of Quality, Integrity and Performance, F&L Racing Fuel is committed to provide our loyal customers with the best performance racing fuel possible. As an active member of the racing community, we know first-hand the amount time, energy, effort, not to mention the hard-earned dollars that go into preparing the racer and machine for race day!


We believe our customers deserve the highest Quality racing fuel available. Our racing fuel must exceed industry standards of conformity from batch to batch to provide you with optimal performance race after race.


We believe in the Integrity of our word to you the consumer, that each product we sell will meet or exceed your performance needs as stated on the product label.


We believe Performance is at the core of all of the products we produce. With the high demands of the racing environment, we realize the performance of your fuel, should be the last thing on your mind as you pull up to the starting line!